Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Stony Lab

The Result of The Stony Lab


        Pictures of stones   


The Stony Lab Question
7. How could you use the densities to identify the minerals?
Answer: Yes, because every minerals have their own masses, values, and  densities, which are different and specific.If they have the same densities ,they are the same type of minerals. So, Their densities are easily to identify them. 

8.Which one is more useful is to identify the minerals, density or color?

Answer: Density is more useful to identify the minerals than color because sometimes the stones' color can be the similar and hard to identify.For example, Stone number 1 has the similar color as stone number 2. stone color can also vary in different conditions such as under the sea it maybe gain some moss over time or it can also be stained by mud etc.and the gemstones are not included because their colors are constant.

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